View Full Version : 5.25+beta or 5.30 - which is best for P2P3 gaming??

[PCXL] Mabelrode
13th October 1999, 15:10
Greets all,

So, I am about to transform my system. Can you more experienced fiddlers discuss what would be best for me?

Matrox G400MAX-AGP
using 5.25pd+beta OGL
Main game of the moment - Tribes {didn't ya know that already?}

G400MAX + Monster Voodoo2 12meg {will get most current Diamond drivers}

I've got many questions, some have likely already been answered elsewhere, but, we all like to be quoted often, right? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Should I go for the 5.30pd as everyone seems to say, once I have both the Voodoo2 and the P3 chip in? While the 5.3 is supposedly optimized for the P3 only {grr!}, will it coexist with the Voodoo card? What must I do to make it so?

If I cannot buy the P3, how can I get the 2 cards to play nice with only the P2-350? Which driver set? If there's any other stats/whateva needed for answers, let me know.

And yes, I hope to play this & other games with all the damn eye-candy turned up, at 1027 res+ in 32 bit {I hope I hope}. Like all of ya, I'm into smoothness, but there's only so high FR can go before higher rates are lost on the human eye {i'm thinking TV is 30fps?}, so any framerate above 30 or so will be lost on me in web play.


[PCXL] Mabelrode
15th October 1999, 14:56

Can't anyone offer me any advice?

15th October 1999, 15:42
These questions have already been answered many times. Just need to look down the list.

[PCXL] Mabelrode
15th October 1999, 16:43
Hm, yes, I've scanned the "V2 with 5.30 Turbo drivers" and the "Turbo GL loser" thread. however, I am wondering if any new events and workarounds have come out now that the full ICD has been released and used. If anyone wishes to respond here, even repetatively, please do. Thanks! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

15th October 1999, 17:20
Man is it a beautiful day here in San Diego and the surf is not too bad either.Good Day

Asus P2b(1010),P3 450,128 mb pc100,Matrox G400 DH,Asus 50x,Iomega zip,Mitsumi CDR,Ibm 10 gb hd,Sb Live,Win 98

[PCXL] Mabelrode
15th October 1999, 17:47

Er, let me restate....

Anyone who wishes to respond, even repetatively, about this particular subject, please do..


15th October 1999, 18:06
I just don't think that 350 is going to be enough. Try to get a P3 or an Athlon, whatever you do.

16th October 1999, 20:37
The surf is rocking up here in the Bay area too. How's the quakes???