View Full Version : Problems getting OpenGL working w/ G400 & Quake2

16th October 1999, 15:16
I seem to have installed my 5.30 G400 drivers correctly, because all the extra tabs in the Display properties show up. G400icd.dll is in the windows/system directory.

Yet when I try to change Quake 2's video driver to default OpenGL, I get booted back to the console with an error: GLimp_Init() - no hardware acceleration detected
VID_CreateWindow() - GLimp_Init() failed

Any ideas? Did I forget to install something?

16th October 1999, 15:20
It sounds like you may have some other video card's MiniGL in your quake folder, if so delete it or rename it.


16th October 1999, 15:43
I have 4 dll's in my Quake2 folder: ref_soft.dll, ref_gl.dll, pvrgl.dll, and 3dfxgl.dll. The default OpenGL option goes looking for the def_gl.dll file explicitly; Quake2 gets pretty upset if you remove it and then try default OpenGL. Should I have a different OpenGL driver in that folder?

16th October 1999, 16:00
NO, but rename your 3dfxgl.dll to something different like 3dfx.old, or something.