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15th October 1999, 07:26
I started "shit" on the Tribes forum about the G400 and the Dynamix TNT (only) API. If you have the time join in ! Its bound to get back to Dynamix ! If you care...

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15th October 1999, 10:56
I will be on there! Tribes is an awesome game and the only reason I miss my TNT.

15th October 1999, 11:19
Good deal I can handle all 5000 board members by myself, but it would be nice to do an invasion of Matrox people...

The Rock
15th October 1999, 11:22
I'm there dude. Never played Tribes before, but I'm in the mood for a fight. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

The Rock
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15th October 1999, 11:39
I like the way they support 3DFX. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon10.gif dude- sounded like they wanted to rip u new one... I got your back.

15th October 1999, 12:39

15th October 1999, 14:26
Oh yeah baby. that was real good. My they have a more loyal userbase than Matrox if only i could bottle it.

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[PCXL] Mabelrode
15th October 1999, 14:47
I'm there with ya too, dude.

The Rev
16th October 1999, 06:09
Whoa! That one sparked! I think most people missed the point when replying to you though. They think its a video card war. Yet we just want some support. Or at least have Tribes2 support all OpenGL cards. Hopefully Dynamix will take note of the G400 as they see more and more people asking for these problems to be resolved.

Thanks for the spark http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif
A Tribes Player

16th October 1999, 14:29

I was reading the matrox web site about future support of 3d games for the g400 and Tribes 2 was listed. Does that mean anything?

Oh, and I'm on my way over to that tribes site.... Don't these people know that the G400 is the most powerful card on the planet? They betta reconize!

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