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12th October 1999, 14:22
I just bought a G400 MAX with a new system. Athlon 600mhz. This card is totally unstable. Most of my games lock up either from the get go. or in the middle of the game. I heard there is something wrong with it an Soundblaster Live. I dont want to get rid of te card becasue it's a good card. I am new to the G400 problems so any help would be apprceiative. What can i do to get this card to work with games. I have problems with Quake II and III test, Halflife. Unreal just plain out runs slow as hell. Should i just not use Open Gl and use Direct 3D. What are the advantages of using Open gl over Direct 3d.

I have upgraded my drivers to 5.3

Athlon 600mhz
Matrox G400 MAX Duel Head
5.30 drivers
Sound Blaster Live Value
Windows 98 SE

12th October 1999, 16:18

Be sure that your G400 and SBLive both have their own IRQ's ... also you Must have at least LiveWare 2.0 installed for you Live card...


12th October 1999, 21:52
You aren't going to find a whole lot of stability on that platform.

I recently had to switch back to intel because of compatibility issues with USB, AGP and SCSI.

Read the forums over at www.amdzone.com. (http://www.amdzone.com.) Lots of scary stories.

13th October 1999, 05:45
Try to disable all Video-Shadow
and Video Caching in your BIOS.

This worked fine for me.

Tony Seattle
15th October 1999, 11:34
Try the new VIA (motherboard) chip BIOS upgrade!K7-600
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15th October 1999, 11:49
Also, do you have AGP set up correctly? Isn't there a miniport for the Athlon boards?

16th October 1999, 07:59
And you are aware that you must stop using and disable Dual Head when playing an OGL game, right?


16th October 1999, 08:02
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16th October 1999, 10:06
Stop using dualhead while openGL is enabled?
That seems kinda odd, as i've TV outted Quake3 using my G400 a couple of times..

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16th October 1999, 10:28
Not sure (just got my MAX, but haven't installed it yet), but it may very well be different depending on whether you're using a TV as opposed to a 2nd monitor...


16th October 1999, 12:21
Thanks guys for all your help. I got my max running very well know. Check out my post on the benchmarks i get know. My problems ceast when i reinstalled the new drivers.

Thanks again.