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14th October 1999, 14:51
I am getting 115 fps 640 * 480 in quake II demo 1 16 bit. I get 34 fps demo 1 and 30 fps crusher at 1600*1200 both are 16 bit. Im trying to see if my system is running up to par. Are these good benchmarks or should i be getting better ones. I have an Athlon 600, matrox g400 max, 128 mb ram pc100, soundblaster live, 20 gig UDMA/66 hardrive. Windows 98 sE

14th October 1999, 14:56
A lot of people around here would give their left testicle to say they get over 100 FPS in Q2 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

The Rock
14th October 1999, 15:38
Just the left one? I'd give both and toss in my penis too, since I never use any of em. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

The Rock

15th October 1999, 08:16
I was able to pull 94.4fps at 640x480 in Q2's Demo1.dm2, which has got to be one of the worst benchmarks ever =)
Heh, more useful in telling you the _highest_ framerate you'll ever get. For comparisons sake, I get 46.3fps in crusher.dm2 and 71.4 in massive.dm2 at the same resolutions. I believe this would be 32bit color, as well, since quake2 picks that off your desktop setting, right?
Crusher and massive are the most useful Q2 benches, but are getting a bit dated with all this fancy new hardware coming out that spanks all the old stuff =)

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The Rock
15th October 1999, 10:58
Echo Fox:

I don't think Quake 2 picks up the resolution from the desktop. I think you have to run it with a parameter, i.e. "quake2 -32bit" "quake2 -32bpp" or something like that. I *think*.

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15th October 1999, 11:52
Q2 does not pick up the desktop resolution, but it does pick up the desktop color depth. Just watch the next time you start the game. The console always shows you that info on startup...

15th October 1999, 16:17
My system (tested on PII@500) equals your results at the higher resloution of 1600 (where the vid card becomes the bottleneck). But you certainly have the grunt at the lower rez.
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