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14th October 1999, 13:51
A few days ago I saw here an url were I can download this demo. But I cannot find it now! Is there anyone out who knows?

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14th October 1999, 15:01
Everything I've heard about this demo say it's no good. It's a CPU test more than a video card test because of it's complexity. People who have been testing it are getting the same score at all resolutions. Plus, the guy who recorded the demo was apparently getting disconnect symbols and pauses while playing. I do not think this one will become a standard like the old crusher (this new one is not even really called crusher, and it's not by the same guy)...

15th October 1999, 03:17
Hi Marco,

I also think that this demo is not good to test a graphics card. I had 20.9 fps @ 640 and 20.8 @ 1024 (P3-500@560).

You can get it at http://www.agnhardware.com/html/agnhw-news.cfm?date=10/11/1999#6593

There is also instructions.


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15th October 1999, 03:48
Actually, just wishing to add to that, here is a little morsel I found at FastGrapgics,

Despite what other people say, the Crusher benchmark is not a good benchmark for graphic cards.. The CPU is really what's being tested here, and the results show it clearly. Up to 1024 the framerate hardly drops, showing that the CPU cannot get the data fast enough to the card.. This is even the case on 1600x1200 with the GeForce.

15th October 1999, 06:32
Kind of figured that was the case, when I ran it and got the same results at 640x480x16, texture slider all the way right, bilinear filtering, 16 bit textures, etc., as I got when running 1024x768x32 32bit textures, everything high, bilinear filtering. Only in 1024x768x32, everything high, trilinear filtering, do I get a hit on the card- 13-14 FPS between runs.

Heh-heh. Anyone else want to compare CPU muscle? I get 20.7 FPS.