View Full Version : mjpeg in DC30+

22nd September 1999, 13:57
can i decode avi files captured in mjpeg from the DC30+ using my mavel?

22nd September 1999, 14:04
As far as I am aware the answer is a big NOPE!

Regards Pooh
DC30+ user

22nd September 1999, 16:01
I'm pretty sure Pooh is right since MJPEG is hardware encoded/decoded the cards won't understand each others compression algorithms.

24th September 1999, 10:24

Can you use a software MJPEG codec with the DC30+ like with the RR/Marvel ? Folks have used this solution to capture Matrox HW codec MJPEGs in Win9x and then edit/render them under NT. Since both cards use the same Zoran chipset, the HW codecs must have similar functionality, so if you can switch the headers (see Uwes article), you may be able to "swap" AVIs between the 2 cards.