View Full Version : Help me: stuck in Drakan!

15th October 1999, 00:34
I am in the "Island" level. I have to recover the rift cristal. I have entered the tower, after having taken all the things I had to take to enter on it (sorry, I don' t remember the names...). I passed the lava pit and all the tests. Now, I am in a chamber where I can see a great bell (or something like that), that I can reach with a "curving-stair" (I don't know the name in English). To reach that chamber I used a large moving platform (on which I had to stay on center). I hope yyou have undertood where I am...
What have I to do here? I tried to smash everything, to push everthing, but nothing. I noticed that if you operate on the bell, you can hear "Can't reach that". To reach what?
I hope this insn't a bug, as the game is plenty of it.
Thank you.

Chris Blake
15th October 1999, 05:11
Hit it with the bell hammer

Chris Blake

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