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15th October 1999, 01:28
Remember all those racing (and other) games that allowed split-screen multiplayer modes... see what I'm getting at?...
It would be nice to see a game that supports 2-player multiplyer using G400's DualHead, each player on another monitor... The problem is, of course, controls. Perhaps connecting 2 USB controllers could solve it. Another problem, the game can't be too complex, 'coz it needs to handle both players on 1 CPU, unless... you got dual CPUs :-D. And G400 will need to render both screens at once... I wonder if it can do that, I doubt... anyway, whether it's possible or not, it's an idea to consider,
for both Matrox and game developers.

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tish beta2
15th October 1999, 02:03

Was that what you had in mind?

... Here It is! b

15th October 1999, 02:11
oops.... guess next time I should do my homework better before posting... ;-)

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