View Full Version : GeForce Q3test settings-try them for yourself

12th October 1999, 07:19
These settings will make q3 curvier, although I did not notice much of a difference in look or framerate.

seta r_lodCurveError "10000"
seta r_subdivisions "1"
seta r_lodbias "-2"

edit these lines in q3config, then tell me if you had a change in fps. Oh yeah, I have a p3-500.

12th October 1999, 12:09
Yes, the GForce benchmarks and descripton of those commands are at:

tish beta2
13th October 1999, 22:19
Reminds me of the Subdivide Metaform command in modeler. That too evens things out by adding vertexes with a 179 degree smoothing angle.

The first picture seems to be a snapshot of Q3 without the "high geometry" option, while the other one has it enabled, as far as I can tell...

13th October 1999, 22:41
I can't see any difference in Q3 with GeForce settings...hmmm...

about 2-5 frames less...hmmm...


tish beta2
14th October 1999, 20:19
Set the geometry setting to low and run around a bit. Then enable the "G-Forke" settings. You should be experiencing the same as the snapshots at the site posted by Frank.