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Paul Taylor
13th October 1999, 13:03
I know the non-TurboGL driver is not very (Quake 2 speeds are good though!) good but I was wondering how to go about using my G400MAX with Unreal.

OpenGL speeds are VERY erratic and Direct3D is reasonably fast but VERY flakey!

I am using the latest version of Unreal and the v5.30 drivers.

Any recommendations on how to get atleast a playable speed?

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13th October 1999, 17:41
Good Question. I would also like to know the answer. I just have a crappy k6-2 300.
UT doesnt run well if at all. busmastering seams to screw it up. with it off it doesnt crash but runs too slow. any help?
i only have 64 megs of PC66 ram? could this be a problem for the busmastering? i dont know, im just grabbing for answers here

The Rock
13th October 1999, 18:23
Unreal is a memory pig, which is weird considering it's an older game. It shares a bad trait with Unreal Tournament, that being if you got less than 128Megs of RAM, it swaps like crazy and is generally unplayable.

Paul Taylor:
I have a relatively low-end machine, and I get 24fps in the castle flyby timedemo at 1024x768x32bit with no visual anomalies. The only thing out of the ordinary I did to it was turn on triple-buffering in the "advanced options" menu. Gameplay is fine. Gameplay in Unreal Tournament is to die for. It should fly for you since you have a Max (I only have a normal G400).
What do you mean by "flakey"?

The Rock
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13th October 1999, 18:29
I run Unreal on a G400 and a slower processor just fine. I installed Unreal from the CD, played it once, exited then installed the patch, played it to set all my desired settings, and it plays well. Mirrored surfaces and curved surfaces seem to slow it down, but still, it is fine. Triple buffering off, too. Mirrored surfaces are nice and they make the experience more immersive, so I still use them. Hope you get it straightened out. I don't have any experience with SS7 mb's so I can't help there.

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Paul Taylor
13th October 1999, 20:12
System spec:
P2-350 overclocked to 392
128Mb PC100 SDRAM.
SBLive Value

OpenGL performance is awful, when running the flyby (in 800x600) it slows down to about 5 fames per second on some area and leaps up to just over 40 in others.
Trying to play with it is nearly impossible as you dont know when the frame rate is going to suddenly drop.

Direct3D the frame rate is just about playable but I keep getting General Protection Faults at random intervals. Trying to access the menu (especially the Advanced menu) will either lead to a GPF or a corruption of the menu graphics (shortly after this another GPF!)

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The Rock
13th October 1999, 22:45

What color depth are you running in? I'm running in 32bit with no problems, but those problems you describe (especially the advanced options menu probs), I used to have when I had an ATI Xpert 128. They went away when I got the G400, but I'm not sure if the G400 fixed em or if the fact that I installed DX7 did (I did both at the same time). I'd try switching color depths and see if its the same. You running DX7 or DX6.1?

The Rock

14th October 1999, 05:40
Ok just for the record with your hardware and the problems you're talking about i can imediately imagine one thing. SBLIVE VALUE!
Do you have in advanced options sound use 3d hardware enable? if so disable. and use souround instead.

Another thing what about your drivers?
in the begining i had a few problems of flickering in menus and that was corrected whith liveware 2.0 from creative (or 2.1...)

About turbo gl
i had an increase of 10 fps in timedemo in ogl but the menus are flikering again.



Paul Taylor
14th October 1999, 11:55
Thanks for the advice to turn off 3dsound hardware (it worked ok when I used my Voodoo2), its fixed the advanced menu problems in Direct3D mode.
Guess for OpenGL I'll have to wait (with almost everyone else) for a half decent OpenGL driver to be launched for users without Athlon/P-III.

The desktop resolution (or colour depth)doesnt seem to make any difference (tried 16, 24 & 32), I usually use 32bpp.

I'm am using Liveware 2.1 & DirectX 7 and the latest 5.30 G400 drivers.

Direct3D performance is good but I'm getting white dots where the textures meet in some places (especially when viewing textures between air & water ie in water looking out or looking at textures under the water).

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