View Full Version : performance loss with 5.30 & possible probs with dx7 and shock2

8th October 1999, 19:08
i only tested the 5.30 drivers for a few minutes but in 3d mark max my overall 3d score drops about 400 pionts...cool.

then i tested shock2 with the new drivers and oho....after the shock2 icon with the version number appeared at the task bar, the screen went black and crashed back to desktop. i thought that the issue would be the new drivers and i went back to 5.25 to test it but i got the same resulte. the only reason i can think about is the previously installed DX7 cause a few days ago and with DX6.1 the game runs perfectly.

can someone confirm this?

8th October 1999, 23:41
I think this is not an DX7 problem. I've installed System Shock 2 last night and there was only the known problems (doors). Yesterday my system was:

Abit BH6 mobo
Cel400A @ 450
SB Live! Value
OEM G400 32MB SH
W98 Lite
DX 7
PD 5.25

Today it will the same with PD 5.30


9th October 1999, 17:41
I get a slight slowdown from 5.25/beta ICD to the 5.30 with it's own ICD in Q3test. I get a slight increase over 5.25 in 3Dmark99Max, But the fastest is still 5.25 w/DX6.1 These are very small gains/losses tho... I was lead to believe that DX7 was alot faster than DX6. I guess Powerdesk is not optimized for DX7 yet.

AssuP2B ,iCeleron337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound, 2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.30

9th October 1999, 22:11
Guys.....when i upgraded to 5.30 it seem that it reset the resister of my g200.
Check if you still got AGP 2X via agp flag ..it sould be -1 (use pcilist to check agp speed)

tish beta2
10th October 1999, 07:06
System Shock 2 works fine here too with 5.30 and dx7. I have the Max and win98se. Except the sound. it's crackling and popping! I got an awe64Gold, anyone know about a possible solution? I've tried old drivers, 4 channels, no hardware accellerating etc. exactly the same. (this is off-topic but anyway... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

10th October 1999, 09:26
That's wierd, I get the same thing..I have a Diamond Monster Sound MX300....The crackling happens in the menus when you pass your mouse over a button, and constantly in the game. I don't think this has anything to do with the G400 though http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif...


tish beta2
10th October 1999, 10:35
You have it too? good, then I'm not alone http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif
U know if it's gonna get fixed through drivers/patches?

14th October 1999, 05:46
I am running with the 5.30 Matrox Drivers and the 2.40 Aureal Drivers on a MX300 and I am not getting any sound or graphic problems at all with System Shock 2. (Also using DX 7)