View Full Version : Hey DOC. What's happened to your castle??

23rd September 1999, 17:51
Looks rather deserted since May 20.

23rd September 1999, 18:11
What happened?

An 18 month old (Erik) who is taking way more of my time than I through he would since he turned a year! Right now I have only a couple of hours a night to do betas and some "normal" computing.

I'm retired and the wife teaches so guess who babysits? Guess who has NO time to finish all those tutorials sitting on the HD?

Just recently he learned to climb over ALL our baby gates so the house, all 1800 sq. feet of it, is no longer baby-restricted unless you lock all the doors. He went over them like Jesse Owens in the high hurtles.

He also can open all the "baby-proof" cabinet doors and is working on climbing them to the countertop. Last week I had to put key locks on all the library cases cabinet doors because he was climbing into them.

He can also climb out of a meter high playpen. He either does that or he tips it over. Sheesh....

This kid needs a leash....and I need some Prozac.

Historical note: at age 22 months his older brother Kurt (now 21) was found on the roof after climbing a step ladder and pulling himself up using the gutters. Either that or he can fly and hasn't told us yet.

His mother almost died on the spot.

Until the kid learns the meaning of "NO", or I get some Grandmotherly help, the Castle will need furnishings due to lack of TIME.

Dr. Mordrid

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Brian Ellis
24th September 1999, 01:47
Don't worry, Doc, things can only get worse!

Brian (the terrible)

24th September 1999, 06:48
Hehehehehehehehe http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif I'm in the same boat. I've never been so tired and had so little free time (I'm happy with 5 minutes here or there), but I am having the most wonderful time of my life. Go figure.

24th September 1999, 08:08
I know the feeling. I love the little stinker to death but can he ever keep you in a constant state of exhaustion.

Whatever energy source he's using I'd like to find, bottle and sell it (after using my fair share of course).

What makes it all worthwhile is when he climbs into my lap and gives Daddy all the hugs and kisses he can stand. That's priceless.

Dr. Mordrid

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