View Full Version : TurboGL Freezes

9th October 1999, 14:44
Hey, I know everyone's been impressed by the TurboGL so far (assuming you've tried it) but I was curious as to if anyone had problems? Specifially with ICQ running in the background? If i even Open ICQ and close it again, no TurboGL games work anymore. They just freeze up which results in a reboot. Anyone else have success with ICQ + TurboGL? Thanks for your time...

P3 500
128 RAM
G400 MAX
Genuine Intel Motherboard
Norton Antivirus\Altec Lansing speaker program running in background

13th October 1999, 11:56
well...i just downloaded 5.30 and turbogl...i got nice results...10 more fps in q2 at 71 fps...but i forgot the command line for frames in q3 so i didn't test it...the only problems i've had with 5.30 and turbogl is that q2 and q3 crash upon start...my system freezes and i need to reboot...i heard this was due to cpu usage...but it may also be due to my high cpu temp...a p3 500 at 122 degrees? is that normal?