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Chris Blake
11th October 1999, 08:03
This is slightly off-topic but....

I was playing HL single player (not played it before) when I had to do a win98 reinstall. Because I'm a bit stupid I clobbered my HL installation too - loosing my saved-games http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif. Anyone know how I can "reconstruct" my position? I think I'd just picked up the gluon gun in the Lamba Core area.

It's a top game, I'd just like to finish it.

Chris Blake

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11th October 1999, 09:13

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11th October 1999, 11:16
You'll probably have to load the appropriate map...

Pull down the console and type in:

map mapname

Full details can be found at

For what it's worth, the G400 MAX renders HL in stunning color and great framerates at 1024x768 on my system with the TurboGL. Great stuff, that TurboGL is! :-)

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11th October 1999, 13:01
I can e-mail you all my saved games...


11th October 1999, 17:39
In the console type:
/sv_cheats 1
/give_weapon WEAPONNAME

*Look in the valve.pak for the map names an keep guessing until you get to about where you were. I use Pak Explorer to look in the pak file.
*Look on www.planethalflife.com (http://www.planethalflife.com) for those weapon names.

Chris Blake
13th October 1999, 08:35
Thnks for the suggestions, I have not got my game back to more-or-less the same position.

Chris Blake

Epox MVP3G5, K6III450, 192Mb RAM, G400Max DH, SBLive! Value and whole load of other stuff