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Tony Seattle
11th October 1999, 14:00
I installed the TurboGL drivers..... unfor.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Now, after installing them when I run Half-Life "TFC"
Team Fortress Mod and play online (or offline) the "loading..." continues to flash and I can hear that I am connected and in a room to play but all I can see is a black screen and a flahing orange "Loading" with any OpenGL resolution.. As well as never being able to play Quake III, I can hear the options as I move my cursor but all I see is a off-white screen.... any suggestions?

RE-Volt -works
Kingpin -Does not
Half-Life -Does not
Q3 -Does not

(Although the G400 Demo now works!)


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11th October 1999, 14:11
Although you removed your 3dfx card, I suspect you did not remove all of the drivers for it (specifically the MCD). There is a known conflict with the TGL and the 3dfx MCD...

11th October 1999, 15:44
There are two files you need to nuke, in


glide2x.dll and glide3x.dll

nukem and the system will basically say "Voodoo? What's that? Oh, a G400 looks so damn good it must be voodoo!" http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

11th October 1999, 21:44
Hey Kruzin I've tried removing all the 3dfx drivers I could find.I've uninstalled all matrox drivers and reinstalled about 4 times and still can't get the turbo gl to work. Direct 3d works good but no open gl what so ever.

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11th October 1999, 22:57
Check to make sure these files in your windows\system folder are correct:
opengl32.dll (737k)
glu32.dll (137k)

These need to be the original Windows versions of the files. Sometimes they are inadvertantly replaced with incorrect files. If yours are not correct, you can get them from your .cab files on your windows install cd...

12th October 1999, 05:20
I too have a V2 in my system. Unlike you, I chose not to remove it. Instead, I disabled it from the device manager, then ran Regedit (WARNING: back up your registry before messing with it, I won't be responsible if you corrupt your windows installation. K, nuff bout that). From within regedit, I searched for 3dfx (find). I deleted every entry containing it (except for NFS2SE's entry, which was part of a shortcut name). Then reboot. Everything else seems to run fine now with the turboGL.

One strange note- the installer chose to install the turboGL individually for detected games (no problem so far). In the process, it installed a copy for Unreal Tournament. Weird thing is- the beta ICD was faster than the turboGL in UT (just tried it for kicks- I normally play in D3D).


12th October 1999, 05:24
One clarification, before anyone dings me for it- the reason I left the V2 in the system is that some games (UT, Unreal, etc.) still run better with the V2 than with my G400 (UT is acceptable in D3D. Unreal, even with the latest patch, never was). By using the process I listed above, all I need to do for those games is re-enable the card in Device Manager, and Boom!, back in business. Have to repeat the above process to keep it from conflicting with the turboGL in Q3, etc., when I'm done. Still, it's easier than constantly removing my case to add/remove a card, and uninstalling/reinstalling drivers.


12th October 1999, 06:31
NO problem Ace. I don't even use the Turbo because of the conflict. I'd rather decide for myself what hardware to use than let a Mini-plug do it for me

12th October 1999, 07:33
I understand your feelings LAMFDTK. For me, I think the extra little (actually, with the settings I was using with the last drivers, not so little) boost to Q3 framerates makes the slight hassle worth it. I've also noticed that UT, even though very playable on the G400, is even smoother with the V2. However, I continue to use the Max because of the extra eye-candy appeal that I perceive (hope it's not my imagination there), and the fact that I can run it in a window in D3D. This way (in a window) I can use ICQ to communicate with buddies (to get into different games) without losing track of the game I might be in.


12th October 1999, 09:19
Hi Guys !

I have no idea about your MoBos, but the Asus P2B series has an entry in its bios that let's you determine the vga boot sequence and hence the primary display adapter ...

Check if that one is set to 'AGP/PCI' and not to 'PCI/AGP' !!!


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12th October 1999, 09:45
Thanks for the tip, Maggi. I have that set properly. It appears that the problems that are seen when using (or trying to use) the turboGL in a system with both a G400 and a 3dfx product are caused by driver conflicts. For instance, if I fail to disable the V2, or to remove the 3dfx entries from the registry, Q3 starts to load, then stops at a black screen (the point immediately before the normal white screen, then the menu load). Hitting Alt-F4 closes Q3 okay. Other games, such as UT, actually lock up my system, or cause GPF's, when I try to run them under OpenGL. It's just a driver issue (BTW- it doesn't appear to me to just be related to a miniGL conflict- I've never used the V2 for openGL based games since I last formatted/reinstalled Win98, since I've owned cards better at OpenGL since then).


12th October 1999, 09:47
Addenum to Maggi's post: This is from Bios 1008 only (was in 1006 as well but didn't really work http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif)


12th October 1999, 10:30
Don't get me wrong here I think that this Mini plug is great for folks who don't give a damm about a V2. And i can see why. I'm just waiting for Matrox to incorperate these and (more) into the next set of releases http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

12th October 1999, 17:15
Kruzin I have those dll files in my win sys directory. And I went through and deleted everything that had to do with 3dfx.
I still can't get it to work. They act like they want to load then at the last second before they start it drops me back to a messed up desktop. What's wrong.

13th October 1999, 06:36
Maggie the AGP--->to PCI boot did not work for me and I of course renamed the Mini plugs in the game folders. How about you? Do you have peace in your system with the two cards?

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