View Full Version : Nocturne+G200= uninstall

13th October 1999, 06:09

I have got horrible performance out of The Chicago demo.... Im using a G200,V2 SLI, I changed the settings to 32bit G200 hardware acceleration (D3D) and adjusted the monitor calibration.... and at first.. I could see nothing on the screen, after adjusting the settings, And "brightness" to 100% the enviornment, was a flat gray, and the game looked horrible... (not to mention) the SLOOOOOOOW speed it took to do any config.
It was horrible, and I was completely dissapointed... The game would have been playable, but the graphics, were that of a diseased anus.... has anyone else had the same problems???? I hear the G400 users, are performing great w/the demo.... maybe the new V2 patch will help... But 32 bit would be nice...