View Full Version : NocturneG400 goodness....post your thoughts:

12th October 1999, 07:48
Has anyone with a G400 tried it yet?

12th October 1999, 07:51
Smooth and beautiful, it has very impressive flowing coat and lighting. The system reqs are high, but the graphics are worth it.

12th October 1999, 09:00
Scary! Man this game does look sharp. I miss having a moveable camera, but it does add to the suspense when you can't see around the corner untill you walk around it.


12th October 1999, 09:09
DAMN! I knew the game would look sweet as hell... The people that developed the game suggested that Voodoo owners buy a G400 or a GeForce... hahahahahha, **** it. I will try to play it on my SLI tonight... the requirments, are dumb... 500mhz computer.... I guess they reeally only wnated to appeal to a certain market...... Anway- they recommend we play in software@32 bit, but did say that the fastest board was G400.


12th October 1999, 13:42

I tried playing nocture on my sli when it first came out and all I can say is.... IT SUCKS! Very ugly. I'd have to say that nocture is what convinced me to get a g400.

It does look great. The coat and lighting is way cool. My only prob is the camera and control. I've played both demos. Control is pretty hard. Maybe I just need more practice. I've been using the mouse... i'm thinking i should just stick to the keyboard.

And sometimes you walk in a room and because of camera placement, these zombies will be shooting at you with machine guns and you can't even see them! If this is a big prob, i'm not sure if i'll buy this game. I think i'm gonna wait on a few more reviews after the game is released...

Abit BH6, Celeron 450, Matrox G400 32mb "MAX", 256mb ram, IBM 10GB, DVD 5x, MX300