View Full Version : G400 & Fifa99

Cortez The Killer
11th October 1999, 02:12

My g400 conflicts with fifa99. I'm not able to play the game in d3d mode. Ít's the only game I'm having trouble with but it's one of my favourites. Is this a known error and more important; is there a solution?


Le Bodge
11th October 1999, 05:45
I'm can quite happily play Fifa99 using a G400 Max.

I'm using Win 98 with DirectX 7, the official patch from www.fifa99.com (http://www.fifa99.com) and the 'English Super Patch Millennium' from www.fifa99.net/esp. (http://www.fifa99.net/esp.)

11th October 1999, 18:35
Le Bodge,

The second link you posted is invalid.
BTW, are you able to play FIFA99 at higher resolution than 640x480? It seems that the game doesn't recognize G400 as certified(or supported) and doesn't give me an option to switch to higher resolution.

Le Bodge
12th October 1999, 00:55
Sorry! try www.fifa99.net/esp (http://www.fifa99.net/esp) (no full stop!).

If I recall correctly (I'm not on the machine) it recognises that I have a Direct3D compatible device and uses it.

Unfortunately I can’t see any way of changing the resolution, which is a downer……