View Full Version : G200,5.30 drivers,no Q2,HL,Kingpin

12th October 1999, 00:00
The games load up fine and then comes the BSO
0028:C154F8BC I see I'm not alone.I always do a format and a clean install after every driver release,did it twice with no luck.Guess I'll use the old drivers and wait for a fix,or reformat again,maybe I messed up.Win98/Dx7

Amd K6-2 350@452,Fic 503+1.2a,64mb pc100 Mushkin Samsung GH cas2,G200 8mb Sgram,Maxtor 8.4gb,Yamaha Sound

12th October 1999, 00:05
Yes I got the 4-1 drivers,pipeline,read-write
disabled,had the board for awhile had no choice but to learn how it works,open to suggestions