View Full Version : New drivers and voodoo2

10th October 1999, 19:52
I recently installed the 5.30 drivers, but on my voodoo2 applet I disabled the the voodoo card for direct3d applications. The Turbogl installed. The manager ran, and I've run Unreal, HalfLife and Quake2 in default opengl and they ran just fine. The only problem I have is that in quake2 a symbol for a plug occationally flashes on the top of my screen.
By the way I'm using the creative voodoo2 drivers.

11th October 1999, 16:17
has anyone attempted to use one of the small
programs that allows you to switch cards from your system tray. g400 max doesn't seem to play all the opengl games as fast as
v2 sli.it seems a waste tohave to remove v2
just to get mcd to work.my rig is a self built abit be6 256 ram 4 ibm 10gig ide hds &one u66 ibm 15gig g400 max v2 sli scsi cd m300 scard

11th October 1999, 19:13
We need to remember that the standard ICD still works pretty fine... So for the time being, you should simply forget about the Turbo Gl and run both cards without problems...