View Full Version : 5.30 drivers slower for g200?

Cellular Mitosis
10th October 1999, 20:41
PII 300 @309, 128MB RAM
Mill G200 8MB AGP

I have so much stuff disabled in q3 that with the 5.25 drivers I was getting 50.9 fps, and when I switched to 5.30 (after using the uninstaller) I went down to 49.0

Granted, that is a non-noticeable difference, but still, why would people "upgrade" to the latest drivers if they have slower performance?

any one else notice the same results as me?

10th October 1999, 21:04
yep Q3 gets slightly lower fps with 5.30 on my system as well (37 instead of 39fps or somethingl ike that with my settings)

nevertheles, HL TFC is faster and looks better with 5.30 though and thats what counts...who cares about Q3 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

11th October 1999, 08:13
Bug fixes generally tend to slow performance.

Cellular Mitosis
11th October 1999, 08:26
ahhh so some games are faster and some slower - that is something I never would have thought of! THanks.

11th October 1999, 12:57
I really wouldnt consider 1 frame a decrease. where you in the exact same spot, during both tests?



Cellular Mitosis
11th October 1999, 16:31
no no, I did a timedemo.

timedemo 1
demo q3demo1

yeah, you are right - 1 fps is not at all noticeable, but it is just a psychological thing (I COULD be running faster...)