View Full Version : V2 with Turbo/5.30 drivers...

11th October 1999, 16:09
After reading the posts re: the V2s...my question is, will the Turgo GL/5.30 work with the V2 if I make sure to put eh correct opengl in the relevant game folder...I want to play Tribes, but it seems to be the only game that isn't qutie playable with the 5.30s...I wanted to pick up one or two of the CHEAP V2s, but if it knocks out the TGL...
Anway, if I make sure that the V2 opengl is only in the Tribes folder...but the TGL is in the rest will that work???
The posts said that the TGL won't work with the V2 i the system...at all???
If I make sure that the correct opengl is in the correct folder, with that work???
ps...If my typing or spelling suckx, I just went to the eye dtr and he put some drops in my eves and I can't focus on anything

11th October 1999, 16:13
I was finding that, even with NO 3dfx miniGL in the gldrv folder under HL, the 3dfx drivers would still try to start. I simply renamed the DLL that was causing the problem to use the TurboGL.

Using the V2's miniGL was easy - I just moved the TurboGL out of the gldrv dir, and named the renamed DLL back to normal.

Should be the same for Tribes, I'd think...