View Full Version : Overclocked results on Max w/Cooling?

11th October 1999, 00:42
I'm thinking of using some extra video card cooling for my G400 Max to overclock it further. I'm aware of my cooling options, but I am curious about other peoples results. I would appreciate if anyone who has experience with this, can post some numbers for me, and also what they used for cooling, and overclocking. I've got the G400 clocked at 112% with the matrox overclocking utility, but I can't get much past that without problems. My computer is used mostly for gaming so any gaming benchmarks before and after would be ideal.

11th October 1999, 03:07
I've glued a little (very little) fan on the G400 32, and overclocked the main clock at 310 Mhz from the original 252 Mhz
No problems and 3D Mark Pro give me an increment of 200 points.

However honestly I think that the increment is to litte to justify an overclock.
I'll try to really cool the G400, and overclock the graphic chip to 350. The ram is already at its maximum.

Ed Braga
11th October 1999, 16:08
I have also installes a really good cooling fan which covers the center of the heatsink perfectly, same position where the processor would be underneath it. Also installed an extra case fan and I have a really well designed case for cooling area and ventilation. Anyway I tried overclocking using every utility there is for my G400 32 SH and the highest I could get before any type of screen corruption was 117% and it was totally stable at this setting. Well you asked for game benchmarks so here they are:
256mb PC100 SDRAM
MVP3 Based Mobo with 1 Meg Cache
WD 13 gig ata-66 HD
Promise ATA-66 Controller
G400 32 meg SH
Sony 17" SVGA @ 85hz
Quake 2 @ 800x600 32 bit color

Stock clock:
Demo1.dm2 = 36.6, 35.8, 35.9
Demo2.dm2 = 35.0, 35.2, 35.2

Demo1.dm2 = 36.3, 35.7, 35.9
Demo2.dm2 = 34.8, 35.1, 35.1

Demo1.dm2 = 36.4, 35.9, 35.9
Demo2.dm2 = 35.3, 35.3, 35.3

Demo1.dm2 = 36.4, 35.7, 35.7
Demo2.dm2 = 35.0, 35.1, 35.1

117%: (This was as high as I could go)
Demo1.dm2 = 36.1, 35.5, 35.6
Demo2.dm2 = 35.0, 35.1, 35.0

As you can see from my testing which took me all weekend, It appears that by overclocking the G400 you actually get slower scores. This puzzled me for awhile and I finally come to the conclusion that the G400 must already be set at optimum clock from the factory. I have tried overclocking with the tnt2 ultra chip and found very similar results, once I went past the factory settings it actually produced lower scores in the benchmarks. Now on the TNT chip based cards, I have seen overclocking do wonders to a certain point and past that with again the same results.