View Full Version : Live!Ware 2.0/2.1 installation problem.

11th October 1999, 13:53
Hi there.

Just downloaded the Live!Ware 2.0 & 2.1 upgrade from the creative site, and am attempting to install them to fix some probs
with the G400 / SBLive combo (again! ;(),
however, clicking on the setup.exe file
initialises InstallShield, gets to 100%
and then does nothing else. Just returns to
the desktop?

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

It's Windows98 SR-1 by the way.

Thanks in advance.

Tony Seattle
11th October 1999, 14:04
I don't have an answer but it happens to me too!


SD11 Motherboard
256 megs Toshiba non ECC ram
Matrox G400 32meg Dual Head
SB Live! value
IBM 13.5gig HD x2 Raid 0
Promise Fasttrack66 UDMA raid card
Sony Supressa CD-R Scsi
Afreey 56X CD
Scsi Controller
Canopus Pure 3D II -Voodoo 2 (removed)
Various HD/Card coolers/fans
Digital Doctor temp monitor
Tower Case 300 watts
Logitec Marble FX plus
Mouse pad (serial)

Self love is not such vile a sin, then self neglecting! -Henvy V

11th October 1999, 16:01
On thing you can try is installing the Liveware Drivers in "Safe Mode"....YOu probably know how to get it to boot safe, but if not...while 98 starts to boot keep press ing F5 or F8...one of those keys should boot up safe, then go ahead and run the install...
I have had alot of similiar probs with Liveware 2.0, especially in NT (have NT, 98m and Linux on my box)...And actually, the SB Live Value has been involved in alot of issues with my system...Sometimes, when booting NT, it would get to where it starts up the sound and errors out!!!
I got the SB Live Value because it used up alot less CPU resources, etc///but seems to be at the bottom of alot of probs...When installing NT, if I don't install my epson 440 before the Live, the Epson setup won't start...have to re=boot a bunch of time to get it to wrk...
Anyway, try th Safe Mode boot to run the install of the drivers...