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tish beta2
10th October 1999, 09:59
Ok, I have a p3 450@504 and the Max (same as Ant) and I get this:

24.2 fps: 5.30 ICD
25.0 fps: TGL

32.6 fps: 5.30 ICD
38.0 fps: TGL

This was with Ant's settings. And no sound. (I usually loose 0.2 fps with sound enabled)

10th October 1999, 16:09
hey i did some little testing using the tgl mcd and the regular icd, first using the tgl driver on my athlon completely mess up q3 and halflife (they are ugly) removing it and the games is beautifully PERFECT !!!!

the i did some testing and here we go :
1024*768 with all to max (as in ant tests) using TGL i have 30.3 fps
the same except billinear filtering and i get 33.3 fps this quiet low compared to ants one... but....

using the icd suplied with the 5.30 drivers (so i removed the opengl32.dll from q3 folder) i get
1024*768 everything trilinear 31.9 fps
1024*768 everything but billinear "37" fps

so definitely the tgl is NOT optimized for K7/Athlon systems or my g400 already gives all it can !

if someone can do the same thing on a piii system, or another atlhon user...


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11th October 1999, 08:25
Yup--same non performance--with Turbo.
Same non performance *period* with Q3. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum4/HTML/001406.html

Half-Life is finally performing well however.
Not perfectly , but well.Thank deity for small gifts.

In Harm's Way