View Full Version : Problem with Vsync on/off, Game results

11th October 1999, 06:09
I have a question about Enabling/Disabling Vsync:
I tried to benchmark with the games Quake 2 and Quake 3 Test, cause I wanted to know the latest results with the new PD 5.30 and the Turbo-GL-Driver.

The point is, that I got exactly the same results (fps) with V-Sync enabled and disabled. I did it with the Registry Hack-Tool from Matrox. (After I changed the settings by double-clicking on "Disable Vsynch" , I re-booted my system.)

-Is it sure, that disabling V-Sync works on my system and how can I test this ?

-Someone please tell me the difference on his system between Enabling/Disabling this function (in fps)

System Config:

- Gigabyte 6BXC / Intel 440 BX AGPset MB
- Intel Pentium III 450 MHZ
- 128 MB RAM
- Windows 98 Second Edition
- DirectX 7 (DXDiagnostic says that everything is OK)
- Matrox G400 32 MB (NOT the MAX, NOT Dual-Head)
- PD 5.30 /TGL installed
-Soundblaster 128 PCI (latest Driver from the Creative Labs Homepage)
-Mitsumi FX 24CDROM


11th October 1999, 06:57
I'm not 100% sure but I think that the registry hack only disables Vsync for direct3D, so it has no effect on Quake that uses OpenGL. There is an option on Q3 called Sync every frame, see if you get any difference in fps when you change this option.