View Full Version : SB Live! and G400MAX

11th October 1999, 00:45
I have some serious problem with this combination. As soon as I install the SB drivers I can not run any 3D-games or the
G400 tech Demo anymore (thrown back to system). Anybody who has faced the same problem and got a solution for this?

PIII 550, Intel SE440BX,
128 MB pc100 RAM,
SB Live!, Fuijtsu 17.3GB, AOpen 6xDVD, HP 8100i CD-RW, Mitsubichi Diamond 900u Pro 19" Monitor, Creative FPS2000 Speakers, Intel
10/100 MBits network card, Matrox G400 Max

11th October 1999, 03:10
Yeah, quite a lot of people have this problem. There're quite a number of posts on this topic so far. Search for one by BigBug, the posts there are very helpful. Really, go search for it. Reading this post isn't enough because I can't remember all the suggested fixes.

However, there has been no fool-proof fix for this. Generally, all agree that you should have Liveware 2.1 and the latest G400 drivers (but Lorenzo Rizzi suggests that you try the original drivers from the SBLive CD in http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum4/HTML/001343.html).

1. Make sure your SBLive is not installed in the PCI slot next to the G400 in its AGP slot.

2. Make sure that your G400 has IRQ of 9 or more and that the SBLive does not share the same IRQ.

3. Reinstalls of drivers must be done CLEANLY. Check the Matrox drivers page on how to do a clean reinstall.

4. Fiddle with the AGP aperture in your BIOS.

5. Lastly, if NOTHING works, disable bus mastering in the options menu in PowerDesk. This ALWAYS solves the problem, but effectively cuts your frame rate in half and leaves you kicking and screaming for a better solution.

None of the solutions work for me, however, and I'm stuck with my AWE64 until I find a fix for my problem.

Good luck! Hope you find a solution.