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10th October 1999, 16:45
After installing the turboGL driver I am getting a minimum of 35 FPS where before i was getting a maximum of 15 FPS. Not getting into what settings are what or what system i have, I am just very pleased with the increase.
Now the readme file says the turboGL also helps Unreal, However it did not auto-detect Unreal-Tournament on my computer, I placed the turbo "opengl32.dll" in the u-t system directory and it just stopped..
Personally I think Q3arena test [and i know its just a test damnit], has a whole hell of a long way to go to even come close to UT. There is just something about OpenGl over D3D that i cant quite put my finger on. It definately is not that the graphics are better, it is kinda like a more of a 3D feeling to it. Maybe this is just me, anyone else feel this way?,

Just a rambling, Any replies to this thread can make as little sence as it did.:-)
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tish beta2
10th October 1999, 18:48
I know whatcha mean. UT looks kinda dirty, while q3 looks like it got more quality... And the control lag is much better in Q3.

With the old beta ICD I played at 1024, but now with the TGL I play at 800x600. 800 and 1024 had mostly the same FPS but now when I can get 60fps in 800 with normal settings... Ya, the slowdowns are much less slow now http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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10th October 1999, 21:20

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