View Full Version : G200d3d.cfg for Halflife

9th October 1999, 14:07
Hello, can someone help?
I am looking for the file g200d3d.cfg the reason being when I boot halflife it does not recognize this file anywhere and after searching for it I realized I dont have it.

Just to give you some background I have tried installing upgraded drivers, didn't help. i have tried reinstalling halflife after every driver install, this was probably uneccessary but ohwell. I have run the game in both OGL and D3D but prefer to run it in D3D it is more reliable for me personally.

Now I was able to play the game with no problems until i decided to install directX7 this was the worst decision I could have done, video card (matrox marvel g200 to tv) began running improperly so I did what I call a directXorcism and reinstalled windows right from scratch, formatting and all.

Now when I try to run halflife the game performs poorly occasional stutter the only difference between now and previously when halflife ran well is the fact that halflife does not reconize G200d3d.cfg when the game boots.

can someone help????????

My system is a p2 350/128 mg ram
Diamond mx 300 sound/matrox marvel G200 8mg video.

10th October 1999, 13:44
g200d3d.cfg belongs in the ...hl\valve\hw folder. It's just a place you can place video settings if you want. It is the same as having the commands in your autoexec.cfg, so if you have the setting in autoexec, you don't need them in g200d3d. It makes no difference if the file is not there (which by default is isn't), it just gives that message. Nothing to worry about.

But if you want it, here is my old g200d3d file...