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10th October 1999, 13:26
After running the Turbo GL and 5.30 with the full setup command, I am getting 56fps at 800x600, with 32bit, all settings on high, including sound...With Q2 it went from 63fps at 1028/768 to 74...also, I have noticed that the G400Max is very CPU dependent...getting alot of difference with overlocking my P3 450 up to 567Mhz...
Don't have any Q3 results prior to 5.30, but now the Q2 at 450 equals what it was in 5.25 at 567!!!
I know that alot of peops seems to be getting some really low FPS with the new driverz...I don't know...just got my Max a couple of weeks ago, but sure seemed to make a difference with my system!!!
P3 450
Soyo BA6 +III
256Megs Enhanced HSDRAM
Adaptec 2940U2W
Quantum Atlas 10K 9.1G(win98)
IBM Ultrastar UW 4.5G (Win NT)
Samsung 4.3G Udma/33 (Linux)
SB Live Value
3Com NIC for Cable Modem
ps. A note on Tribes...my V3 3000 played it great, btw...anyway, with the 5.30 driver set, I can at least play in GL mode, at 640/480...still dropping frames alittle, and kind of jerky...but at least I don't have to play in software mode anymore...Wish they could either get this fixed, or have the Turbo work with the V2!!!

10th October 1999, 13:33
An addendum:
just ran at 567Mhz at 1028/768 and got 37.5Fps...I don't know, I have tried a bunch of Ultras, and have a V3 3000, and the G400Max with the 5.30 set sure seems to hold it own!!!
ps. Just to agree with a post I read earlier, where a guy had a prob overclocking...the G400 Max has had not prob running at 126Mhz fsb on my system...oc'ing just as well as my v3 3000! The guy having probs, maybe his AGP bus is set to 1:1...