View Full Version : Kingpin Bug with PD 5.30/TGL, and another "?"...

10th October 1999, 11:11
Hi all,

This is the only visual bug ive seen with these drivers...i know that TGL isnt used in Kingpin so it has to be the PD 5.30 drivers...Well here is the bug: Whenever im near a grenade launcher explosion i get these strange lines going all over my screen for a second...they are the same color as the explosion...it looks like someone is scratching my screen up...Has anyone else with Kingpin noticed this?...Also..i have a question, I noticed when installing the previous Beta ICD...that i unzipped it into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory...should it still be in there for PD 5.30 and TGL? Because it is still there after i use the Matrox uninstaller, and after i installed 5.30 and TGL...thanx for your time.

P3 500(not overclocked)
128 MB PC100 SDRAM
SE440BX-2 Motherboard by Intel
Seagate 8.4 gig HDD
Diamond MX300 Sound Card
AOpen 40x CD ROM
Ethernet 32 bit PCI Card
Motorola Cable Modem
Matrox G400 32 OEM Single Head @150
17" CRT Monitor
Altec Lansing 2 Speakers and Sub

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