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9th October 1999, 14:49
I've got Celeron 300A @450, G400 16 Mb, 64 Mb PC-100. Results in other games at diferent resolutions are just O.K. but in Unreal in D3d at 1280x1024, game is so slow... 0,5 fps!!!! Look some results: Unreal 16 bit- 1024x768 33fps, 1280x1024 27fps, 1600x1200 30 fps, 32 bit 1024x768 32 fps, but 1280x1024 0,5 (not 5,0)!
In Half life and othersgames everything is OK! I've tried both 5,25 and 5.30 powerdesk!

9th October 1999, 17:19
What version of Unreal are u using? 224v and 225f will do best in Unreal. But I think that the higher resolutions might be a bit of a problem for the lower memory of your g400 and system. Unreal really likes 128 megs. And higher res likes alot more video card mem. I don't know the precise details and such, but I think this is the gist of the situation. Maybe someone else will add to this (or correct my sorry butt!!?) and we can all know for sure.

AssuP2B ,300a at 337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound,2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.25 w/beta ICD

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10th October 1999, 02:05
Sorry for uncomplite data. Version is 225f. It is pretty strange to me if I'm geting god results in 16-bit at 1280x1024 and even 1600x1200... and as I said in every other game everything is just OK!

10th October 1999, 09:28
Hey Miro, do you get missing (white walls) textures in Unreal 225f? It is evident in the beginning flyby sequence down near the water going thru the archway. Also near the end of the first level. In the ship still. Near the medical area. I havent played Unreal for a bit because of this, but I heard that the 5.3 drivers fixed some texture management problems with Unreal so I was hoping... I know I' a bit off topic but it's a bit faster than makin a new one and waitin for someone interested enough to answer. Unreal is a bit old now.

AssuP2B ,iCeleron337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound, 2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.30

10th October 1999, 10:28
No, none of this things have ever bothers me... with 225f and 5.25 and 5.30 powerdesk, eerything is just fine.