View Full Version : Opengl doesn't work?

9th October 1999, 05:01
Your G400 is working (look at the gl_renderer). Anyway it would be impossible to achieve 35 fps in Ogl software, even in a dual P2 400.

The NT ICD is *still* not up to par with the win9x one. It is much slower. Maybe they will improve it in future driver release (Matrox drivers are getting better every time, so letīs wait)

9th October 1999, 05:10
Even though the drivers are not up to par, i should be getting more then 35 fps.

I have an opengl32.dll in my winnt/system32 directory (from another card). Deleting it won't help

basically this is the situation: i can turn the 3d acceleration on or off, it makes no difference in fps

9th October 1999, 05:37
I was just giving my opinion, I donīt know that much about NT anyway. But for what Iīve seen around the fori, I think 35 fps in NT is what you can expect. Maybe other guys using NT could help you more.

9th October 1999, 06:47
Well, i'm now under the assumption that there just isn't an opengl ici for windows nt..

Or atleast no quake2 minidriver which is the reason i get shitty quake2 performance under winnt!

damn, I knew when i was buying that opengl performance under winnt wouldn't be great.. but i had expected 50/60 fps on a dual p2 400 atleast! =[

If anyone uses quake2, matrox g400 and winnt, plz reply!

9th October 1999, 14:33
I use the G400 in NT a lot.

I do a lot of sound processing, but if you planning on play some quake under NT you will be lost.

I can give you some details about the ICD under NT right now.

It DOES NOT use the 2 Rendering Pipelines! just 1!

so, instead of 70 you get 30 see?

It is my opinion that the ICD of the G400 under NT is just and adaptacion of the G200 ICD so that explains the use of only One Pixel Pipeline.

If matrox don't go and fix that at least you will NEVER get an aceptable performance under NT, trust me on this...

9th October 1999, 15:45

thnx for telling me, atleast i won't be trying and trying and trying to get good performence while there is none..

now let's hope they fix it!!

thnx dude

9th October 1999, 16:10
Hi, i _just_ received my matrox g400 max (from direct.matrox.com, 4 days delivery!)
I'm using a dual p2-400, 256 mb system, Winnt. It should be reasonably quick.
However, on a quake2 benchmarc, demo1.dm2, 800*600*16 opengl i only get approx 35 fps.

This is the same fps i got when i ran the test with my other agp (no 3d accel) card so I'm guessing that those 32 fps are created using cpu power only.

I'm obviously missing something here! Ofcourse i know that without the turbogl drivers and stuff the card isn't the best of the best in opengl yet, but after seeing tests on anandtech.com with a single p2-400 and same resolution and test getting 57 fps I can't help feeling that my 32 fps are wrong!

I'm upgrading from a voodoo2 system.. I set quake2 to default opengl.. this is the output i get:
ref_gl version GL 0.01 (!)
gl_vendor: Matrox graphics inc.
gl_renderer: Matrox G400
gl_version: 1.1.3 4.22.077

I'm using powerdesk version: 4.22
In the display properties i DO see the rotating 3d cube, I tested with 16,24 and 32 bits.. All the same 32 fps (no difference between 24 and 16 !).

I'm pretty sure there should be an opengl driver somewhere that should be in my quake directory??

Could someone please help!

Ruurd Boeke