View Full Version : 450a can't o/c now (thanks g400!)

9th October 1999, 11:16
My bh6/450a was o/ced nicely (with an i740 card) but won't do 450 with the g400. It's back to 300, going to try again shortly. Any ideas?

9th October 1999, 11:45
Well, the G400 is very OC friendly. With those bus speeds it shouldn't matter anyway. I wouldn't put the blame directly on your G400.
Two guesses:
1) Your board can't handle AGP2x w/ the G400. Try the registry hack to bring it down to 1x.
2) Your power supply might not be up to par. Maybe the G400 is drawing more current than the i740 used to, and your PS can't keep a constant power level to the CPU. If 1) doesn't work, try upping the CPU voltage a little bit.

9th October 1999, 11:53
Are you sure you´re not running agp at 1/1? some I740 can handle an agp bus of 100 Mhz (that was actually a way to overclock it, because it always uses agp texturing) but the G400 definitly can´t. At 100 Mhz bus, you should have the agp at 2/3.

I have a 450A, Abit BX6, G400 32 Mb, and all is running sweet.