View Full Version : GLQuake rainbows, Tribes texture corruption and occasional stalls..

9th October 1999, 10:47
..are still happening with PD5.30.

-Tumu, still waiting fixes for those..

Celeron 333 (not overclocked), GigaByte 6BXE Intel 440BX AGPset (bios v3.3),
64MB PC100 RAM, G200 AGP 8MB SGRAM (not overclocked, a fan, bios v2.6),
PD5.30, SB16 Value, 3COM Fast EtherLink XL, Sony Multiscan 100ES, HP8210i
Win95OSR2.1 finnish

9th October 1999, 11:47
Damn, and I thought I might actually try these drivers. There are two games I boot into Windows for (Quake/Quakeworld and HL), and of course Matrox can't get these right. Erg.


K6-2/350@400, 503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, Millenium G200, RH6.1 w/ 2.2.12-20, Win98, and too many classes