View Full Version : Bad news: TurboGL requires win -98-

8th October 1999, 19:57
So I guess that all of us windows 95 users are out in the cold, I really wonder why.

8th October 1999, 20:07
Ask Micro$loth why.

Win 95 does not support SIMD. If you have a p3, you are wasting it on 95.

8th October 1999, 21:09
Buuuutttt.....Kruzin...Patches are the best way to go, don't you know that?????

FedEx Sucks!

8th October 1999, 22:03
I honestly don't think that 'supporting' SIMD would be such a big deal in the OS, I have the strong feeling this is just another one of M$'s marketing ploys...