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8th October 1999, 20:45
See another thread for my Q3Test results, but I just did a whole whack of Quake2 tests (sorry no before and after, forgot to test before I installed 5.30). Very pleasing results, that scale accordingly.
Quake2, 32bit color, any options were set high.
Resolution Crusher Massive Demo1
1024x768 42.0 57.6 61.1
800x600 45.5 69.9 88.8
640x480 46.3 71.4 94.4

Clearly in crusher, the CPU is the bottleneck, but ~40fps in Crusher @32bit is bloody amazing =) Massive1 is the best representation of real world performance though, and 57.6fps at 1024x768 is playable in my book <grin>. Too bad I couldn't hit the 100fps mark in 640x480 on demo1 though =)

P3-450@558mhz@2.1v, ABit BE6, 128megs PC133 SDRAM, SB Live! Value, G400 32meg Dualhead, Acer ALN-201 PCI 10bT NIC, 6.5gig Seagate Medalist Pro 7200rpm, 13gig Quantum Fireball CR, Yamaha 4416e Burner, Pioneer 10x DVD-ROM

8th October 1999, 21:14
These are my results. Everything at highest setting, 32bit colour.
Crusher Demo1
1024 48.6 72.1
800 49.0 96.5
640 49.5 100.5

PIII 450@540 2.05 BE6, G400Max, 160MB PC100,