View Full Version : The wait is over....... Powerdesk 5.30 and Turbo Gl is here.

8th October 1999, 16:09
Like most people on this forum, I'd pretty much given up on seeing a release today. Imagine my suprise and delight at finding the drivers on both Matrox's website and here at MURC. I'd call 12:11 GMT cutting it pretty fine for Matrox. Anyway, it looks like they might have delivered - and hopefully everything. I'll soon know once the file has finished downloading. Anyway, off to twiddle thumbs a little longer, then hopefully get down to some serious benchmarking!

Sometimes, just sometimes, the things I say make sense!

8th October 1999, 16:48
Sigh....... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif (from a jealous PII owner)