View Full Version : Halflife and G400 or maybe SBLive???

Tony Seattle
8th October 1999, 16:28
When I start Half-life via the shortcut it loads "Hl" but nothing happens.. No change other then a quick flicker! And the I use the Win 9.x equiv. to Task Manager to End-Task it, I have to do that several times before it will actually start.

Also the Dual Head (second plug going out to my VCR) will not work, flickers, shows me that the P-Desk app is stopped and then give me a Rundll32 error... Any suggestions?

My system:

SD11 FIC Motherboard
256 megs Toshiba non ECC ram
Matrox G400 32meg
SB Live! Value
WD 13.5gig HDs x2 Raid-0
Promise Fasttrack66 UDMA raid card
Sony Supressa CD-R
Afreey 56X CD
Canopus Pure 3D II Voodoo2 card
Various HD/Card coolers/fans
Digital Doctor temp monitor
Tower Case 300 watt

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