View Full Version : M400 Unreal Framerate Strange Behaviour

8th October 1999, 13:46
Ok i gotta preface this post with the usual disclaimers about my lack of experience, intelligence, and plain good sense. That said, I was playing in Turbine with 3 cannonfodder bots this AM all prefs maxed out at 800x600 using the Dell drivers (not as good as 5.25 according to M'ox). I get an average or 47 fps. Lows around 30. The i bump up to 1024x768 and performance is shite. average low low 30s lows low 20s or worse. I figure must be a fill rate issue or something so i shoot it back to 8x6 and the frame rates are crap there. 10-15fps worse than they were just moments earlier. Any ideas what gives.

p3-450/sblive-v/linksys nic/dlink nic/ms im usb/viewsonic ps790/m400 32 2h @ 150/200

I haven't had a chance to reboot and try again (at work now ) but sheet that seems mighty foxtrot uniform.

8th October 1999, 14:06
Dell drivers are not as good as matrox? So why do you changed to them?? I was just about to download the dell drivers but your info beware me from doing this. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif