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7th October 1999, 07:25
From everything I have read, the new driver set was due out yesterday. I would not have even shelled out the $250 for this card if I had not expected the new drivers...due to less than satisfactory perfomance on some games. Also, the Unreal patch/driver, etc was also supposedly due out by the 8th...Where is this stuff???
If I am wrong about the date, or it was released, I am sorry...and someone, please inform me re: the correct info...
BUT, my V3 3000 ran most stuff ok...fast card, but not much on the visual dept...So I went for the G400 Max...got lucky (I Hope???) and got one for the few days a coupel of weeks ago, when they were in stock...
So Matrox, what is going on with this???
Please inform us as to the status...
You know, my friends thought I was nutz buying the G400 Max with the GeForce, Savage 2000, etc...so close...but I figured that with the new PD and Turbo Gl coming out the card would be a monster...and while its not bad now, it certainly is lacking in some areas...
Thanks for letting me VENT...

7th October 1999, 07:31
Yo Buddy,

I dont know if your clock or watch is screwed up but...over here in South Carolina the date is Oct. the 7th. So the drivers are due out (like you said) on Oct. 8th...(which will be tomorrow.)...hope i could help you out some. Are you living in a cave somewhere?

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7th October 1999, 07:35
Well...ya got me...as I said in my post, if any of my info was wrong...
Well, it looks like it was...cause I had the damn date WRONG!!!
You know, waiting for this stuff...checking everyday, etc...guess I am getting a little tweaked....finally got the G400 MAX running in linux(have Nt, 98, and Linux on my box) and while I was extremely happy to have everything running well...I might have ended up a bit giddy...

7th October 1999, 07:38
Just repost it on Saturday when they haven't appeared http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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7th October 1999, 07:41
Unreal, version 338c, has D3D and OpenGL support. D3D on the G400 MAX runs almost as fast as a V2 SLI rig when configured as follows:

16 bit color
Medium World detail
Medium Skins detail
Detailed textures

I get 20 to 25FPS lowest, and about 40~49FPS average on the Turbine map against the computers. My V2 SLI rig yields 29FPS lowest, 59FPS average. Turbine appears to be more texture-intense than other maps, and the V2 SLI handles it very well (remember, at the core, UT is still a GLide game).

turboGL stuff comes out TOMORROW, October 8th (cross yer fingers for DX7 optmizations). It isn't Matrox's fault if you live across the International Date Line and it's tomorrow over where you live :-)

And waiting a couple weeks for drivers isn't that bad. At least you didn't go through the YEAR WAIT for the G200's drivers like some of us did. :-)

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7th October 1999, 16:31
Hey Ice...saw your post...How do you like the Soyo...I got one a couple of months ago to replace my Abit BX6 2.0...the abit wouldn't run the 256 Megs of Enhanced HSDRAM PC133, and I spent too much on that stuff not to have it work...I have since read alot about the instability of the BX 6 2.0 and how it won't run about 129Mhz(which is exactly how fast my ran...129Mhz with my old P2 400 at 2-2-2Cas...btw, this was with PC100). Anyway, after reading up on mobos, I decided to go for the Soyo BA6 +III...so far, I really like it...have no prob runnning my P3 450 at 126Mhz (567)all DAY...one of these days I hit 600...(Yeah, after I get that K7 600...hehheh)...
Well, just wondered if ya like the Soyo...
ps...here's to the drivers coming out tomorrow...
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7th October 1999, 17:11
Hey Icestorm, I'm surprised you're only getting 40-49 fps with your Max and your overclocked P3-450(450x120). I would think your Max should out perform your V2 SLI Rig. I have a P3-500(500x120) and with the same setting you use I get a low fps of 45 and that's only at the begining and avg fps of 85 fps with the hud and 94 fps w/o hud in Turbine with 4 bots. I'm using PD 5.25 with the standard icd, the beta is too flakey for me, Kingpin locks up now and than and GL Quakeworld doesn't work.

I love my G400 Max. I can finally say I've forgiven Matrox for the G200.


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7th October 1999, 21:29
I just got the Soyo 6BA+IV (different from the +III as it has the UDMA/ATA66 on board controller) It's a nice piece to be sure!


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8th October 1999, 12:23
Great to hear things about the Soyo MB. I am either gonna get the III or IV version in a few days. Also I think we will be lucky if the drivers comeout today, but I can wait a few days longer, G400 max is runnin just fine.