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8th October 1999, 08:54
Everyone is raving on how the new TurboGL drivers speed up games like Quake, Quake2, Quake3, and half-life. Is Unreal-Tournament such a game?

8th October 1999, 09:30

Well all those other titles are Open gl games...UT runs on D3D on the G400's, and the Open GL support isnt that good, but i dunno it might help out...so i dont know it will be helped out or not. Ive been told that the PD 5.30 isnt the driver release that is optimized for Direct X7...so i dont think we will see a boost in UT score...until we get the DX7 optimized ICD...but then again i could be wrong.

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8th October 1999, 09:52
Just forget about the so called 'OpenGL implementation' that is build into UT.

Calling it 'crappy' is the nice way to describe it ...

I fear we'd have to wait until a new version of UT comes with 'decent' OGL support comes out.


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