View Full Version : TurboGL driver (or similar) for Linux?

Steve Snyder
7th October 1999, 06:46
In another thread in this forum, several people have made a good case that the upcoming TurboGL driver will significantly improve 3D frame-rates on the G400.

Will something like this (a high performance OpenGL driver) be made available for Linux/XFree86?

Thank you.

7th October 1999, 07:47
There is an Opensource project already underway developing a GLX driver for Linux etc. Sometime back an early alpha was already equaling the performance of the Matrox Windows OpenGL driver on the G200 so things there look very promising.

7th October 1999, 22:45
yes, it's a work in progress. As far as I know, Matrox released some spec. information, but they are not donating any manpower to the effort (at least not as a corporation). It's getting better all the time, though. Also, we're expecting a big leap with XFree 4.0, hopefully due out before the end of the year.