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Ice Nine
5th October 1999, 10:54
DK2 in 32bpp on a G400 max doesn't work. The menu text goes bye-bye and you can't select anything.

They're adding bump mapping in version 1.60. Does that mean this bug will be fixed? Anyone know? R0M?

Am I the only one having issues with the G400 in DK2 in -32biteverything mode? Has anyone figured out a workaround? See, i'd *REALLY* like to keep this G400 Max card as it looks sweet at 2048x1536 on my monitor; but I'll be forced to go back to my Hercules TNT2U if these stupid software issues can't be worked out. Does matrox care?

What other game issues exist on the G400's pathetic driver set?

My system:

Win98SE, DX7
P3-600 on an Asus P2B-F (I don't overclock)
256MB CAS2 Micron PC100 RAM (2x128)
Adaptec U2W SCSI Host Adapter
IBM Mako 9LZX 10k HD with 4MB cache
G400 Max on an Iiyama Visionmaster 510 22", attempting to run the game at 1024x768@32bpp
SB Live (full, doubt that matters)
3com 3C905BC PCI Ethernet (for my DSL bridge)
Pioneer 6x DVD (SCSI) if that matters
Plextor 8x20 burner (I know that doesn't matter, i'm just being cocky and showing off at this point)
MS USB Intellimouse explorer (using Intellipoint 3.0, if that matters, i've heard of mouse issues with DX7)
MS Intellikey Pro keyboard (if this matters, i'll eat the box it came in).
Klipsch Promedia 2400 speakers

Yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm a lame show-off, so what http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Seriously, if someone could answer my questions, i'd really appreciate it.

5th October 1999, 13:24
The Dungeon Keeper 32bpp issue isn't just Matrox - it's everyone except nVidia. And even the TNT2 does it in certain resolutions. Bullfrog's official response is "that's why we took 32bit mode out!", but the unofficial response is that it will eventually be fixed because 32bpp looks much better with bump mapping, etc.

Quit yer whining, Matrox has fixed 99% of game issues faster than you can say "TNT is a piece of shit!".

- Gurm

G. U. R. M. It's not hard to spell, is it? Then don't screw it up!
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5th October 1999, 15:40

5th October 1999, 16:56
Hmmm, well, I didn't expect to be called a "Whiner" or a "****ing lamer".

Yknow, I guess I should have expected such an infantile response to a simple question. The fact is, MGA's drivers are poorly written, and no one will dispute that. It looks like my TNT2 Ultra is going back in my machine.

Thanks for being such a helpful couple of people.

Anyway, i'm so disgusted with it, it's selling for $1 with no reserve.

R0M: You never got back to me about that DK2 bug. It's not important now. I gave this card another shot, and it still stinks. Sorry, bud. See you on IRC.

5th October 1999, 19:40
"The fact is, MGA's drivers are poorly written, and no one will dispute that."

Oh yea I know about 100 of the top of my head

DJ Watts
6th October 1999, 00:49
Unbeleivable, hey i have a problem so have a go at me...duh!
What sort of forum is this
"Gee iv'e had a bad day so lets have a go at someone", or is it because you have a G400 and you think its perfectly normal Matrox screw drivers up and that you keep downloading them off the net?

I don't care what u say, i have a G200 in one of my pc's and i would agree with Ice_NINE, the Matrox drivers are just plain toss!
I gave up with Matrox and all the shit i had with my G200 a long time ago thats why i got a TNT 2. Hell even my local computer shop won't even stock the G400 without a special order as he says he's had enough of Matrox and all the comebacks!
Yes the G400 is cool but whats it worth if you have to keep messing about with their drivers every other day?

I beleive i should be spending time playing games with my video card not downloading fixes/updates to games because they won't work with Matrox drivers.

You see?

6th October 1999, 05:23
Look, I don't feel the need to defend myself, but I will. I didn't call anyone a lamer (shame on ya, LAMMY) but he was whining. Get the facts before you ask a potentially inflammatory question:

Game X runs fine on ALL CARDS EXCEPT THE G400

Not so. The G400's D3D drivers are the best, most mature, fastest currently available for any card. The OpenGL needs work but has been steadily getting better. Once the rest of you get to see the TurboGL (end of the week) there will be no argument, since the TurboGL blows everything else out of the water in 32bit.

Yes, G400's can be difficult to get going on some machines. Ask for help in the hardware forum. If you have games crashing left and right you've done something horribly wrong. My G400 NEVER EVER crashes.

Try to understand what I was telling the person with my first post - it's a problem with Dungeon Keeper, it'll be fixed soon.

- Gurm

G. U. R. M. It's not hard to spell, is it? Then don't screw it up!
The word "Gurm" is in no way Copyright 1999 Jorden van der Elst.

6th October 1999, 06:36
Good reply Gurm. I have to agree with you about the G400. Even with the beta GL driver, this is an excellent card. And although I have seen a few minor problems with the drivers in D3D, those were nothing that I haven't encountered with the other cards (I have a TNT1 in my old system, my bud has a TNT2U and also a Savage4). Now that the UT demo has been released, I get to utilize both the D3D and the openGL regularly (Q3Test is great fun, too). Once the 5.30 drivers/turboGL are released, this card will totally kick a$$. Just ask my buddy- he even admits that my card performs close to his TNT2U, while having better image quality. In fact, the reason he got the TNT2U instead of a G400Max was due to the availablity/price difference, and nothing else. If he'd seen a G400-32MBDH/G400Max on store shelves for even $30 more than the Ultra, he says he'd have a Matrox card in his rig instead.


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6th October 1999, 08:14
I also have had problems with DK2, and guess what, it is not restricted to Matrox. I run 3 machines, one has a Voodoo 2 card, one has a Voodoo 1, and one runs a G400. I have had serious problems with both the Voodoo2 and the G400 (crashes) but none with the older Voodoo 1 card (apart from terrible frame rates) Bullfrogs answer is 'get uptodate drivers' which, to be frank, sucks.

All three machines are using the very latest drivers, yet still they continue to blame them. It seems to me that games companies are using the drivers as a method for shifting the responsiblity for badly written code.

Why in the age of standards like DirectX and OpenGL do we still have to suffer from these problems?



The Rock
6th October 1999, 09:36

In all your infinite wisdom, how can you be SO sure that Matrox drivers are your problem? You judge Matrox's entire driver set based on one bug-riddled game in a forum filled with Matrox lovers (myself included), and you wonder why you get flamed?? Common sense is a gift. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif If your gonna sell such a great card because of niggling problems with ONE badly-written game, you ain't too bright my friend. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif You WILL regret that decision. This card rocks. The drivers are more stable (or at least AS stable) as any other video card out there. Why don't you try more than ONE game before giving away your G400?

The Rock
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Chris Blake
7th October 1999, 08:29
It seems to me that games companies are using the drivers as a method for shifting the responsiblity for badly written code.

Spot on. I either the hardware manufacturers or Microsoft's fault. It's never admitted that there's a problem with the game itself. What's more aggravating is that after any game has been out for a while there's a patch released which fixes these non-existent problems!


Chris Blake

7th October 1999, 20:27
Man look what people are bidding for that "Shittie card", $222.50 wow good for you ! I tried to bid but, nah too much