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7th October 1999, 10:31
Hi Folks,

I got a problem with Rites of War that isn't fixed by its 1.1 Patch - I can watch the Intro, but after that the screen stays blank and just the music is still being played...
ALT-F4 does close the program, so I guess there is a problem that the game can't initialise or switch to the Menu Screen....
On my second System with a G200 everything works just fine - anyone knows a workaround?
(Well it does work if I set the Graphics Harware Acc to one above none, but who whants to?)


System: Celeron500, Asus P2B-F, 192MB
G400 32MB SH (Certified 5.20)
SBLive Value (LW 2.1)
Logitech MouseMan+ (Driver 8.4)...

7th October 1999, 15:37
ok this is what me and my friend had to do to get it to work on our g400 maxes:

start the game. hit space bar to bypass the intro or watch the intro

alt tab to go back to windows

say please work oh gods of matrox

restore rites of war and play http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

one of the above listed steps is optional but it can not hurt http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif