View Full Version : Attn: IceStorm, Kruzin, or experienced Members>

7th October 1999, 10:38
Hello. I am asking you guys for some help. I have found throughout the postings that you 2 guys are very knowledgable on systems, and video. I have recently been elected to cover Reviews on games, and hardware, by a new site, being created. its really exciting, and follows the same type basis as hmmm... lets say: http://www.3dfiles.com

You guys have the knowledge that will benefit alot of people (u have proved that through your postings) I will need feedback from "hardcore" Matrox users, and your thoughts/feelings on COVERED games, and Hardware. Kruzin- you know alot of video configs. That I think should be posted as a valuable resource to gamers alike. @ any rate: I would love a MARTOX source of info... if you guys would like to help e-mail me here: ason@thefragile.com

oh- yeah- IceStorm... I wanted some SLI info as well....

take care ALL