View Full Version : Anyone have these problems...

6th October 1999, 22:57
...colored lines between textures? Yes, in USAF and Unreal...Yes...and sometimes other games too.

I'm little tired after 4 hours of trying to get rid of these little...things.

Okay, I tried all registry settings and resolutions. I un-clocked my system too and tried different processors too(yes, I tried even that!) but no no no...

P3-560, 128Mb, G400 DH 32Mb, Abit BH6(agp2x)

7th October 1999, 07:42
I tried USAF and other games with 3Dfx bashee and same lines there...

so it's in the game!


7th October 1999, 16:51
I still got them in TR3, although it should have been fixed with the latest patch ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

And HL does have those lines between textures, not that I notice them so much nomore, but still. Looks as if the *building blocks* don't fit to well, huh?