View Full Version : When is PD 5.30 with TGL coming out ?

6th October 1999, 05:35
I just wondered when the new PD 5.30 with the TurboGL is coming out ???

I can't find the dae anywhere. I recall seeing 8 october as the release date but I would like to confirm that.

6th October 1999, 08:44
The date given to me was indeed October 8th.

6th October 1999, 18:53
will PD 5.30 only imporve OGL on G400 boards or on G200 boards as well? (cause I'm using a g200 and can't play Q2 anymore since I upgrades to 5.25, Q3test1.08 runs still fine)

Is the TurboGL the only improvement or will there be other things fixed with the 5.30 PD?


7th October 1999, 16:55
PD5.30 will have improvements (or not) over 5.25, for both the G400 and the G200.

They're just newer screendrivers for all G-cards, but that got a bit snowed under because of the hype about the TurboGL for the G400-P3/K7 rigs.