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6th October 1999, 08:18

I recently upgraded to a G400 from a Voodoo 2 in order to stop Descent 3 crashing. Since upgrading I have been very impressed by the performance of the card, except in one respect. The textures don't seem to be drawing correctly throughtout various parts of the levels, I can see through walls, and bits of the scenary appear and disappear as I move the ship around. Has anyone else had this sort of problem?

My spec is :

AMD K6-2 400
FIC VA-503+ M/B
64 MB PC-100
Matrox G400 32MB DH
RTL8029 Network Card



6th October 1999, 13:02

I'm running Descent 3 on a G400 based system. Never seen graphics as high quality and kick ass as they do on a G400. Haven't noticed any of the problems you've mentioned yet. what level are you having these problems on. Also, have you downloaded the Matrox patch for D3? Interplay also has a patch that upgrades the game to version 1.1. Try those and let me know if you still have the problem.

My system specs:

PIII 500
abit bh6
128mb pc-100 ram
big ass hard drive
2940uw scsi
plextor 4x12 scsi cdr
blah blah blah... and the kitchen sink http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


tish beta2
6th October 1999, 17:24
Hey, any of you know if the european version of Descent 3 will get EM bumps?

6th October 1999, 18:09
My Descent 3 does the same thing. It's why I stopped playing, although other than that the game was totally awesome. It also irks me that I can't update from version 1.0, because I guess I somehow got a European version (I live in Idaho, which is nowhere near Europe!!) Hopefully someday Interplay will release a patch that will work for Europeans and unlucky Americans that will fix the overlapping textures and give us G400 users some bumps.

My system:
Abit BP6
1 400 mhz celeron CPU
10 Gig HDD
Diamond Monster Sound
Matrox G400 32 meg DH
5xDVD (Toshiba)
2X2X6 CD-RW (Memorex)
crappy monitor by MAG
Awesome, but old Altec-Lansing ACS500 Dolby pro-Logic speakers


6th October 1999, 19:26
I guess I have the American version and upgraded thru patch with no prob on G400.
Cant remember, but I dont think I had probs before the patch.
The patch probably fixes that. I had texture prob with Rogue Suadron and the small patch fixed it.